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Stress Hacks

I am constantly on-the-go. I have to be doing something at all times. It’s probably a combination of my OCD/ADHD that makes me this way. I give myself a workload more than I can handle. I guess you could say that I thrive on stress – if that makes sense. When I have a lot of things to do, I’m stressed out; but when I don’t have enough things to do, I have anxiety. Lately, I’ve noticed myself getting more migraines and breaking out like a teenager. That’s when I realized that I needed to slow that and de-stress. I am writing this post to share a few things I do to de-stress as a busy business owner, firefighter wife, and toddler mama.

Take a Day Off

This one is the hardest one for me. People tell me this all the time, “You need to have a day to yourself.” I feel like there are a thousand more productive things I could do rather than “take a mommy day.” To be honest, I feel guilty at the thought of even taking a day off. When I became a mom, I made a commitment and I feel like doing things for myself is selfish. I know, I need to take care of myself, too. But I mean, I eat, I shower. I feel like getting my nails done or getting a massage is just too much. It took me a while to realize that sometimes it’s good to treat myself. I work hard every single day. Being a mom is a full-time job. So this is my first tip for the hard-working boss lady – go out for drinks, get that massage, eat that chocolate cake!

Write it Down

Something that really helps me when I’m stressed out is to write it all down. Sometimes I get really overwhelmed just because all my thoughts are just jumbled in my head and I can’t get everything straight. I just don’t know where to begin. Writing it all down helps to organize my thoughts and helps to develop a plan of action.


Being in a clean environment can make a huge difference! Try working a little at a time – you can work on one small area a day. You can start by sorting through papers, cleaning out your junk drawer, cleaning out the fridge, or donating old clothes. Getting rid of unnecessary clutter can make your home and your mind feel clear and new.

Try TouchPoints #ad

TouchPoints are non-invasive neuroscientific wearables that use patent pending neuroscience to relieve stress in as little as 30 seconds. TouchPoints provide an alternative tool for those that struggle with stress. TouchPoints can help encourage a calm state of mind, improve focus, manage anger, enhance performance and sleep, and can reduce cravings.

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Talk it Out

I consider myself a pretty emotional person. Something that really helps me when I’m feeling really stressed is talking about it. My husband is the best and helping be de-stress. He provides a listening ear when I just need to vent and helps to find reasonable solutions to my obstacles. Let’s be honest, sometimes I tend to make things harder than they actually need to be. I’m a perfectionist.


What are some things that you do to relieve stress? What are some things that trigger your stress? I’d love to hear all about it in the comments. Or you can send me an email at hello@gabriellebunch.com.


Until next time,

Gabrielle Bunch

June 30, 2017


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